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Bo-Kaap, Mother City

Experience one of the trendiest and most vibrant cities in the whole of Africa: The Mother City. Cape Town is the oldest in South Africa and boasts a diverse cultural history. It has everything from lush gardens & pristine beaches to bustling cities. Whether you are living in the city or visiting there is ample to see and do.

Best time to visit

The summer months of November to March are the best times to visit Cape Town.
Although winters in Cape Town are milder than in Europe or North America, they are quite cold and wet. It starts to warm up around September and by the middle of November, the days become longer. Summers tend to be hot, which makes them ideal for excursions and lazy beach days. But, the city becomes very congested and crowded over this period.

Experience the Best of the Mother City

The most famous landmark in Cape Town is the towering Table Mountain. Named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World in 2011, Table Mountain remains

“a symbol of permanence in a world that is full of change. It is a symbol of the heritage we are privileged to have. And it is a symbol that reminds us that we are privileged to live in an incredible country with incredible assets; giving us hope for the future”

“Must-See” items include:

These six attractions show off the Mother City’s beauty and diverse culture. They also allow you to taste the incredible cuisine and wines.

Travelling in the City

Public transport in all the major cities of South Africa is not on par with Europe or North America. For more efficient transport you will need to rely on paid app services. But, Batende Travel and Tours can ensure you see all the iconic areas in style.

Length of stay

To truley experience the Mother City we recommend a two week itenery.  Batende Travel and Tour offerers a variety of tours which can all be customised to your stay. Most tours are single-day tours. Our tours range as far as the costal town of Hermanus. 

What to pack

This depends on when you decide to explore. Cape Town has cold and wet conditions during the winter months. You will need waterproof walking shoes, a rain jacket and a light jacket for cool days. If you visit during Summer (December – March) you need to pack for dry, hot days. Sunscreen, breathable light clothing and a light jacket for cool evenings.

Good to Know

If you’re not from Cape Town then the following items are good to know:

  • You can drink the water . But depending on where you are it will taste different. Bottled spring water is available.
  • Tipping is good etiquette. Depending on service the average is 10% -15% of your bill.
  • Petty Crime is real – always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

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The Mother City

The city has stunning natural landscapes, delicious and diverse cuisines and so many activities for all ages. It’s also a cosmopolitan city with a wealth of historical sites, café culture, and lively nightlife.

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